(ISO 10002)



Defacto has put its mark under very important achievements on its journey in the hopes of bringing a breath of fresh air to the Turkish fashion industry and introducing its brand new and original top-quality designs to consumers from dozens of countries around the globe. It has always been our number one priority to make luxury accessible for happiness and make our customers fall for our brand.

With this in mind, we constantly improve ourselves to ensure the best product and service quality while at the same time making every possible effort to address any requests, complaints and suggestions with the help of our qualified staff.

In the process of resolving customer complaints, we make sure all our staff in all our locations act reliably and quickly to offer the best product and service experience possible in a transparent, unbiased and confidential fashion.

In line with its ISO 10002 Management System - Handling Complaints, Defacto has made the following a priority:

  • Handling all customer complaints in full compliance with the applicable legal legislation with due care to fulfilling our financial, operational and corporate requirements in a manner that is objective, unbiased, fair and confidential to finally offer customer-focused solutions;
  • Informing customers about the status of their complaints in every step of the complaints management;
  • Ensuring the continuity and accessibility of the communications infrastructure necessary to make it easier for customers to submit their requirements and expectations;
  • Reporting customers' satisfaction with our complaints management procedure, as well as complaints assessment results to top management for regular reviews;
  • Continuously improving the system by making any actions taken in line with customer requests, expectations, complaints and suggestions permanent.


  • Receiving requests, suggestions and complaints
  • Review classification and recording of the complaint by the call center within the same day before its submission to theRelevant Department
  • Informing the applicant on the same day that their complaint has been received
  • Handling of the complaint by the Relevant Department within 1 business day
  • Decision by the Relevant Department on how to proceed with the complaint within 1 business day
  • Implementation of the action taken with respect to the complaint in line with the Relevant Department’s work program
  • Closing the complaint in the Relevant Department’s system
  • Informing the applicant VIA SMS about the actions taken regarding their complaint through the Relevant Department or DeFacto Customer Experience Team within the day the action was implemented
  • If necessary, informing the applicant through the call center regardingthe action taken in response to the complaint