As DeFacto, we set out to bring a fresh perspective to Turkish fashion and to bring our high quality and unique designs to consumers all over the world in 2005. Since the day the company was founded, we have accomplished important works and achievements by keeping our excitement alive.

Continuing our efforts to become a global Turkish brand, we have touched the lives of millions of customers all over the world with nearly 500 stores and online marketplaces in 100 countries. We have adopted innovation and renewal as our corporate culture. In this direction, we brought our DeFacto BABY, DeFacto KIDS, DeFacto FIT, DeFacto COOOL, DeFacto LIFE, DeFacto MODEST, DeFacto PLUS, DeFacto STUDIO, DeFacto LIFE brands to our customers for the needs of consumers of all ages. As the founder of the 'Accessible Fashion' concept, we brought our quality products to consumers from all segments at accessible prices.

As DeFacto Family with more than 15 thousand members, we are dedicated to offering a fashion concept that everyone will feel comfortable and good with the motto 'you should love yourself first'. Because we know how important it is for everyone to love themselves first. One of the things that makes us who we are is our style. The easiest way to look good in what we wear is to look the way we feel inside.

Now we invite everyone to look the way they feel inside and feel good.

  1. We opened our first store in Istanbul.

  2. Our first TV ads were broadcast.

  3. We became the second biggest
    brand in Turkey’s apparel sector.

  4. Our first franchise build up in Azerbaijan

  5. Our international e-commerce website went live.

  6. We set up our Smart Warehouse
    with cutting-edge technology.

  7. We launched our first kids collection.

  8. C&A stores joined Defacto.
    We opened our 100th store in Morocco.

  9. We carried through our omnichannel project.

  10. We introduced our youth collection L#L.

  11. We launched our first babies collection.

  12. We designed our automated warehouse
    solution for e-commerce.

  13. DeFacto Academy came to life.

  14. Our 150th International store is opened in Maleysia.

  15. A new category has been created: Studio Collection

  16. New E-Commerce Technology – ROAR  came to life

  17. We opened our first store in the European Union in Romania.

  18. The first e-commerce sale was made in Kazakhstan.

  19. The number of our stores has reached over 500.

  20. Fabric Dreams KSS Project came to life.

  21. We brought the world's first Smart Digital Fashion store together with the retail world at Akasya Shopping Center

  22. First e-commerce sales was made in Kazakhstan, Egypt, Morocco and Iraq.

  23. We participated in TCF Global membership and Women's Economic Forum.

  24. Our DeFacto life line campaign with a value of 900 million lira started to prevent stalls from stopping business

  25. Our Northern Iraq web page opened

  26. Our UK e-commerce site launched

  27. Refresh, Be Merry, Continue

  28. Award to DeFacto from Best of Sales Awards

  29. - Happiest Workplace Award (HPW)
    - The Metaverse Standards Forum Membership
    - NFT Project
    - First DeFacto Kids store