One of our core strategies is the supply chain excellence. When we receive a customer order of any volume, we give the green light for production only if the right production chain has been ensured. When it comes to right production, we trust in our experience and technologies.

We identify capacity planning as our critical business step for a timely shipment. We monitor our suppliers’ capacities and fullness rates online via ERP.

All of our suppliers are responsible for keeping their production stages and capacities up to date in a designated area on the portal. We regularly measure and assess our manufacturers’ production capacities and their suitability to the system.

Our production is managed by subcontractors located across different parts of the world. This means monitoring becomes of vital importance for us as our total production takes place outside the company. We are able to monitor the entire production facilities in our network via ERP.

Quality Assurance

We not only control quality, but also secure it at every stage of production. When we plan our processes, we make sure that they will lead us to reach our targets. Our quality team members ensure that a product or service is manufactured, applied, created or produced in the most accurate way to obtain a satisfactory result.

To make our work a success, we monitor workflow via ERP and make quality assessments in the field.

We believe that quality comes not by examining, but by improving processes.