Our work is grounded on sensitivity. Therefore, we set up our Physical Test Laboratory in 2014, and our Analytical Test Laboratory in 2015.

DeFacto laboratories received the approval of compliance with the European Accreditation Union standards for all its fields of operation after inspections in the areas of test, analysis and calibration by the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK), a member of the European Accreditation (EA) and MLA (Multilateral Recognition Agreement).

This certificate not only has national and international validity as a reliable indicator of technical competence, but also demonstrates DeFacto’s sense of responsibility towards its customers and business partners.

Our Analytical Laboratory and expanded Physics Laboratories have become accredited with the ISO IEC 17025 Standard as a result of TÜRKAK’s inspection in February 2016.

Physical Test Laboratory

In our physical test lab, product quality is analysed by applying physical tests to the fabrics and products to be used in apparel and in accessories. For these tests TS EN ISO test standards are taken as reference.

Identifying possible errors originating from manufacture, our physical test laboratory aims to increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer return rates. It also works towards taking an active role in increasing the product quality by controlling all fabrics and products.

Our Physical Test Laboratory was established after an investment cost of approximately TL 1.8 million in 2011. An average of 160 pieces of fabrics and finished products are tested per day here with the support of a technical team of 17 people. Tests are being conducted via the most sophisticated devices used in the field and interpreted by competent, well-trained and experienced professionals.

Our Physical Test Laboratory has continued to actively improve our production processes since it was accredited by The Turkish Accreditation Agency TÜRKAK in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2012 standards in 2014.

Physical Security Tests

Because we are sensitive to the safety of our Baby and Kids products, we follow the regulations on safety tests for these closely.

Fire Safety: To ensure the compliance of all our products (nightgowns, pyjamas, bathrobes, dresses, etc.) with the infant and kids clothing flammability regulations, we follow the TS EN ISO 14878 reference test standard.

Babies-Kids’ Clothing Safety: Babies and kids’ clothing are checked through for sturdiness and for hazards of snags, choking, and small pieces that can be potentially swallowed.

  • TS EN 14682 Safety in kids’ clothing - Types of cords and ropes used in children's clothing
  • BS 7907 Safe kids’ clothes (control against choking hazard due the tearing off and swallowing of accessories by hand or mouth as well as control against scratches and cuts due to sharp edges and pointed metal accessories)

Analytical (Ecological Tests) Laboratory

Analytical (Ecological Tests) Laboratory is a laboratory that meets the OEKO-TEX requirements, which have been recognised all over the world and used in more than 40 countries. Here, raw materials and harmful chemicals that arise during the production processes are analysed. Products deemed risky for human and environmental health are eliminated within DeFacto.

Analyses made in this laboratory increase our brand credibility by demonstrating our sensitivity towards human health and nature. Analytical Laboratory was founded with an investment cost of approximately TL 2 million. Here, an average of 100 finished products are analysed per day by a technical team of 15 people.

Analyses are carried out with the testing sector’s most sophisticated tools and by expert staff qualified to use them.

Analytical Laboratory was accredited by the Turkish Accreditation Agency within the scope of the “TS EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2012” standard in 2016.

As a result of its sensitivity towards public health, DeFacto established a fully equipped chemistry lab in 2014 to prevent harmful effects of products on health. These laboratories test chemical substances, all of which are suspected as being harmful to human health as a result of the collaborative work of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the OEKO-100 association.

We go above and beyond. The tests carried out in DeFacto laboratories have more comprehensive content than standard mandatory tests for imported products to Turkey. The results obtained in these labs, where global standards as well as compliance with local regulations are ensured, provide an analysis above the state stipulations in Turkey.

This laboratory, which was set up with a TL 2 million investment, has the most up-to-date technological equipment compared to its counterparts both in Turkey and in the world.

The team of chemists and chemistry technicians working here are all experienced experts who have received the best training in their field.

Our laboratories located in the DeFacto Headquarters allow us to conduct our sector’s mandatory sample tests in a safer environment where safer results are obtained.

The tested components at DeFacto Laboratories are subject to periodic audits by international organizations under the “competence testing, comparison test” categories. Over 30 laboratories that participate in this scheme worldwide occasionally go through the same inspection processes for the same products.

Chemicals we use during the tests are collected in special barrels to avoid potential waste harm to the environment and they are delivered to the Istanbul Environment Management Industry and Trade Company (İSTAÇ), an institution authorised by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation. This means that all our chemical waste is destroyed using special methods and reported to the Ministry.