At DeFacto, we self manage our logistics operations in Turkey. Part of the Supply Chain Deputy Directorate, our warehouse is a 50,000 m² enclosed area located on a 100,000 m² land in the Çerkezköy province in Tekirdağ, Turkey.

Our supplier products are accepted to the warehouse in this area. They are then stored using addressed stock methods and sorter distribution management systems. Our Logistics Centre with a capacity of 35 million items is composed of four parts: automated, manual, storage, and transfer warehouses. Our automated warehouse, a first in Turkey’s apparel sector, was established in two phases across 2014 and 2017. 85% of our distributions in Turkey and all our e-commerce shipping processes are managed through this warehouse. In addition, we have six distribution centers abroad in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Morocco, Northern Iraq and Southern Iraq operated by third party service providers.