As the world economy’s most dynamic sector very open to innovation, retail has been fundamentally affected by the rapidly developing technologies and digital transformation. As every other sector, retail got its fair share of dynamism introduced by widespread digitisation.

Technology is of paramount importance for DeFacto. It is one of the areas where the company makes the biggest amount of investment. In this context, in 2015 DeFacto established a technology company as part of its continuing technology investments. More than 100 software developers based at DeFacto Tekno in İstanbul’s Teknopark conduct research, focus on business development, and build bespoke software for the company.

DeFacto was the first Turkish fashion brand to use omnichannel widely, adding to the list of the firsts it achieved in Turkey’s apparel and fashion sector. Following its investments to this area since 2015, DeFacto completed the omnichannel process in all of its stores across the country. By 2016 it has brought the omnichannel service to all of our customers. DeFacto will continue to open up to foreign markets with its e-commerce site and omnichannel methods. With this vision, DeFacto invited a director with an online management background to join its Board of Directors, which was a first in Turkey’s fashion retail sector. This demonstrates DeFacto's pioneering approach in the sector.